Is this book for you?

Who can this book help?

If you’re the parent of a child suffering from the restricting type of anorexia nervosa (i.e. she’s restricting her food intake), then this book is definitely for you because it’s where my experience lies.

If it’s the binge-purge type of anorexia, there is so much in common with the restricting type for the tools I offer to be equally relevant.

All eating disorders have big areas of overlap, so if your child has bulimia nervosa, or binge eating or any other type of disorder, then major sections of this book will be highly relevant to you. But you will also need to complement this with other sources, as there are differences in how each type of eating disorder is best treated.

The age group I have in mind is young children and adolescents. The Family-Based Treatment at the heart of this book is been validated with under-18s. But I know of parents who have used the same approach with their adult child, with success. The communication resources I offer are ageless, so I believe that if your child is an adult, you will find help in these pages.

I’m referring to you as ‘parents’, but I’d like to include all carers in this.

What about the country you live in? It doesn’t make any difference to the tools in this book. I’m in the United Kingdom.

I hope that this book is helpful to clinicians as well. Whether or not what I offer is in line with your methods, you will at least get an honest insight into quite a few parents’ needs – perhaps more so than you normally see in your consulting room.

As for the emotional resources I offer, they’re valid for you, me, and everyone. The principles of communication, self-compassion, mindfulness and resilience are based on age-old wisdoms, they have been adapted and tested in modern therapies, and they apply to all human beings of all ages.

In fact, this book is so much everything you need that by the end, you’ll be able to knit your own stylish toilet paper cover.

More about what’s in this book here.

Don’t just read this – Get clinical support

Now for some words of caution. This isn’t just a legal disclaimer: I really mean it. I care more about your child’s wellbeing than about being someone who’s right.

I’m offering you approaches which, where possible, have been scientifically validated. So far, so good, but if I stopped there you’d be left with huge gaps. I’m filling those by suggesting strategies that worked for us and for other parents.

Pay attention to your instincts, ask around, read, speak to other parents, and most importantly, keep your clinicians in the loop.


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