Your Comments

This is a public space which may be visited by people who happen to know you, or by people suffering from eating disorders. I love it when you comment, but I’m asking you to use the following safeguards.

Be anonymous

Unless you’re posting here are as a professional, please use a false name for yourself AND for anyone you mention. Please change any details that might make it possible to identify your child. I want to protect the privacy of anyone who’s mentioned here.

If you’re commenting as a clinician with expertise on a subject, it might be helpful if you mention it. If you can comment more freely by withholding your name, that’s fine with me too.

Leave out any triggering details

Don’t write any details of your child’s eating-disordered beliefs or behaviours, food intake, BMI or weight: this could be used as misinformation by a sufferer and tragically make them worse.

Don’t post here if you’re suffering from an eating disorder: get real help

If you are suffering from an eating disorder, I’m asking you NOT  to post and NOT to get in touch. Instead I ask you to speak to a trusted person: a family member, or a professional. And of course you can direct them to these pages if it’s going to help them help you.  I have a huge concern for your wellbeing, and this  site cannot  give you the empathic, consistent, practical and competent support you need.  If you post here or email me, I will delete your message, even though I’ll feel absolutely rotten about it. Just think about it: you might get some lovely support here one day, then on another day you might get no reply, or something unhelpful, because I’m not a counsellor and I’m not here 24/7. That would be awful. Please take my silence as a sign of how much I want you to get real life help.

If you are suffering from an eating disorder and thinking of suicide

If you are suicidal, I will delete your message for the reasons above, but I’m asking you now to use a competent helpline immediately. I’ve listed some here.

If you are a caregiving parent and also suffering from an eating disorder

Please only post about caregiving, for the same reasons as above.

Making it safe for any visitors suffering from anorexia

I welcome links to helpful resources but not to adverts. Please make sure any links don’t lead to sites that may harm a sufferer.

I may check your comments before they appear

Your comments should appear right away. In the unlikely event they don’t, it may be because of my spam-catcher. Email me as I can fix that.

I hope you can see the sense of these parameters, and I very much look forward to your comments.