Feedback from parents

It helps you help your child to eat

    • Audio testimonial from a parent: “I’ve got half a dozen other books but it’s not what I need… I need someone who’s prepared to address the nitty gritty…” and “It’s like having a conversation with a wise friend”.

  • “If you are at the start of your journey with your child you are extremely lucky to have found this book. It should be given to every parent at the very first sign of concern when you approach GP, CAMHS or Paediatrician and signposted by every professional involved with treating eating disorders in children.”
  • “Finally! I have read anything and everything on anorexia and this is the most helpful by far. “
  • “Firstly I have to say that your practical re-feeding scenario’s saved us.  Until then I knew what we needed to do but did not know how.  And it worked for us.  Having the words and dialogue to say was what I needed when mother’s instinct flies out the window.  I also gave my husband all the advice and read out various sections for him as he was on the battle front with the re-feeding.”
  • “Eva, you taught me how to tackle fear foods and rigidity around fearful eating situations. Because of this book, my child is doing so much better! Get it out there!!!!”
  • “It felt like my daughter’s anorexia was winning the battle and after almost 3 years I had no strength left to fight it.  In desperation I googled ‘How can you get an anorexic to eat?’ and came up with your website. I can’t thank you enough for your practical advice and tips, which made total sense to me, and allowed me to begin again with renewed purpose. I have found the bungee jumping analogy and the dialogue scripts particularly helpful, and my daughter has started eating again.  It is so good to read advice from someone who knows exactly what we are going through.”
  • “Your post was instrumental in helping me change tack, connecting with my son and building trust between us. This led to him eating properly for a whole day and gave my wife and I a much needed day away from the front line.”
  • “I found a book online […] and that’s a thing that really really helped us because reading that book I could do something immediately. The book said ‘This is what you can do now to help your child”. (Sara, mother of a 13-year old, on BBC radio 4 programme ‘You and Yours’ on 15 March 2016 with Winifred Robinson, 36 min in)

BBC eating disorders phone-in

It helps you improve your connection with your child

  • “Most helpful to me has been the bungee cord metaphor and your recommendation to consider what’s going on inside me while we sit at the table and she’s refusing to eat. This has stopped me so many times from just screaming “Would you JUST EAT!” when she is struggling. It has been the key thing that has permitted me to give her the space and support to work through the block. And she has so far completed every plate of food in front her!”
  • “Good news is that since reading your book my husband and I have been the perfect picture of empathy – cool, calm, collected. It works. It absolutely works.”
  • “Amidst the chaos of those early months the only literature that I found at all useful was your book. I was being advised to be very combative and aggressive with my daughter’s eating , but your book gave me the confidence to do things in a gentler way….and she got better , so thank you so much and good luck with the book.”
  • “My god, the section on helping yourself to stay calm was fantastic! So many things in there resonated with me….especially the chatterbox part… Thank you once again for the book and for the hope you have given me, I am grateful beyond words…
    I truly believe this book has saved my daughter’s life and that is no exaggeration.”
  • “I was despairing of the ‘sledgehammer’ approach. What stood out in your book was that kindness could be firm and effective.”
  • “I just need to tell you that your impact on my life and the life of my kid is immense.”

Amazon review - anorexia - god send

It’s emotionally supportive

  • “At last a truly inspiring and wonderful piece of work from a parent who really gets it.”
  • “I cannot tell you how valuable your book as been to me and my 12 yo daughter, diagnosed anorexic just 9 weeks ago here in the US. So often, while sitting in a hospital waiting room, catching 5 minutes before dawn, just before sleeping, etc., I would read a few pages or even lines on my phone, picking up little ideas, getting little encouragement from you and your experiences.”
  • “Thank you for your clear and insightful writing. I came across your draft whilst in the middle of an emotional meltdown, both mine and my daughter’s. With your advice, I turned the situation round. Deep breath and hand on heart. I am new to this but learning very fast or trying to.”
  • “I have to tell you, Eva, your draft has gotten me through some trying times and has totally inspired how we manage this illness.  I hope you are shopping it to publishers so it gets out in a large scale.”
  • “Your manuscript is all that is keeping me going and sane at the moment. My daughter is only 11 and life is hell on earth for all of us at the moment. I’m trying my best and your book is an enormous help.”
  • “The part about Acceptance is the best explanation of that ever! The counselor we had tried for a year, but the way you are explaining it is much better and less guilt attached; brilliant!
  • “Thank you so much Eva. I know we have a long battle ahead of us but each time I get a bit down I read your advice and I’m filled with confidence.”

It covers the later stages of recovery too

  • “Lately I have returned to your book because you give lots of information on progressing through recovering, returning to school and letting them go out with friends and not wanting mum to be watching over them all the time. Again, there is so little to help you through this time even though its so hard to let go and trust them”
  • “We really really can do with these specific skills with actual example of conversations  like “giving up on cafes is not  a great solution”. These are just the practical tips that I need that I feel a lot of books don’t address as they are so concerned with getting the kids away from death’s door,  but as we have discovered that is just a first step.”

It provides help that would take you years to collect

  • “Eva is brilliant at keeping her writing up to date and sharing new and effective ways of coping. This is an amazing MUST HAVE book.”
  • “It is different from all the other books out there – believe me, I have a collection.”
  • “The biggest gap in Maudsley FBT approach is guidance and examples of what are you going to do today to help battle the disease. The video and article of the bungee jump metaphor are pure gold. You have provided a glimmer of hope that helps clear the fog of despair.”

It gives you what you are (maybe) not getting from your therapist

  • “I’ve learned more in the last hour with your website than I have from our twice weekly sessions with the therapist.”

It complements what clinicians are giving you

  • This book is an absolute life saver! Just in the throws of refeeding and although our therapists are good I find this much more of a practical support at this difficult time.
  • Many therapists recommend my book to parents: “I am a clinical psychologist working in a specialist eating disorders team […]. My colleagues and I routinely direct families to your website and (very highly) recommend your book to all the parents […] An extremely helpful and practical adjunct to attending sessions.”

It’s friendly and easy to read

  • “It is though an incredibly well thought out and well written book. Your work has the human touch of someone who has been through what they are writing about. And that helps the advice to come across in a homely and friendly manner. Rather than some great medical theory handed down on tablets of stone from on high.
  • “You write very well, I enjoy your scientific no nonsense approach, and your utter, consistent reassurance offered to both patient and parent.”

Amazon review - anorexia - this is the one'

Praise from Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh, founder of F.E.A.S.T

“Parents are starting to understand the WHY and the WHAT they must do when a loved one has a restrictive eating disorder, but Musby does what no one else does: shares the HOW. Parents need solid tools, tips, and problem-solving. Open any page in this book and you’ll find a bit of the hard-won advice that parents around the world are teaching one another.

Read this book to join the growing movement of parents who are saving their sons and daughter’s futures and their lives through good information and action.” (More from Laura Collins and this book here)

Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh, from Circum Mensam, also founder of parents’ online community F.E.A.S.T., activist writer, author of ‘Eating With Your Anorexic’.

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4 thoughts on “Feedback from parents

  1. Maria said:

    Eva, I am convinced that the first thing a parent who is looking after a child with anorexia should read is your book. I say this for many reasons. You are the first one offering us real techniques about HOW to feed our children. You appeal to compassion, love and empathy. You gives us real tools and you remind us over and over how this is not our fault, how we are the only ones who can help better and at the same time you recognize that all depends on our individual family circumstances, the personality of our kids and that we should take from your book whatever is good for us or suits our specific circumstances.
    You help us to feel good, or at least not as bad, and you recognize that although this is a heavy load it is not and should not be our whole life and the ONLY thing we should be doing.
    You are generous and you share your story with us. And we can reach you! and that is amazing.
    Thank you one more time.

    And yes, I am thankful for all the other resources out there, Julie O´Toole’s book and blog are great, also Carrie Arnold´s , Dr Raven´s and Laura Collins´ work is more than amazing. The ‘dolphin’ manual was very useful too. But your book should always be the first one.

  2. Jo said:

    Hello Eva, I have been wanting to send a huge thank you for some time now. I bought your book last year when my daughter was first diagnosed and found it the most helpful amongst all the books I have read. I can’t thank you enough for sharing all your knowledge, research, insight and lived experience. You are my hero!
    After a very difficult patch I returned to your book at the beginning of this year and accessed your meditation audios. I can’t begin to say how much they have helped me to help myself and better understand my beautiful daughter. I can sincerely say you have saved me. Big thank yous and big hugs xxx

    • Big hugs to you, Jo. Thank you for taking the time to write, as what you say is so much what I hope for when I create resources. I’m warmed to think of being with you through this demanding journey. May the sun come out and stay out soon.

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