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Title:     Anorexia and other Eating Disorders: how to help your child eat well and be well
Author:  Eva Musby
ISBN: 978-0993059803

Anorexia-eating disorders book for mothers and fathers to help their teenager recover

Anorexia parent book review - a life saver

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Book: anorexia and other eating disorders - for parents of child or teenager


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10 thoughts on “Get the book (paperback and ebook)

  1. BonesUK said:

    Hi Eva,

    Where do I start??? Well, I have an anorexic daughter who was finally diagnosed in November last year but had been suffering months prior to been diagnosed. In the city that we live in I am finding no help at all and we are now at the point where my daughters so called consultant is saying to me that they are finally looking for a bed (somewhere in the UK) in a specialist eating disorder unit but they are saying that they might not get one quick enough!!!! So I am like thinking well what are you saying to me that my daughter is going to die before you get her to the specialist unit??? But they have been supposedly been treating her since November last year so why have they wait so long to start looking for a bed for her when all they keep doing is apologising to me for the bad service/treatment my daughter and my family have received!!! And now I am having to choose between money and my daughters life because the cost of everything that’s involved in trying to help my daughter as much as I possibly can has near enough bankrupt me and I’m having to ask for a freebie which I am so sorry for doing and I thought that if you didn’t mind I could advertise your book to all the people I come into contact with on my family’s journey in the hope that they might be able to support your work with the money it deserves, which I can tell by reading your taster section, so much made sense and it’s the first time I have come across anything that has made any sense, I mean more than what the authorities and doctors and psychologists and dieticians have said to me!!!
    Sorry I am babbling on!!!! There just doesn’t seem to be a way out of this nightmare for my daughter, which I am finding sooo hard to process at the moment but I would understand if you didn’t want help me, Thankyou for your time, and good luck with the book!!!

    Yours faithfully,


  2. Alex garcia said:

    Hola soy Alex García can not huy your book and i am very interested i have a daughter with anorexia can have a password to read thanks apreciare your help

  3. Desperate mum uk said:

    Hello Eva
    I came across your web site whilst trying desperately to find something to help me help my 14 year old daughter who has anorexia. We are getting g nowhere with our attempts to try to get her to eat and, despite having g the support of CAMHS, dietician, psychiatrist and our GP her weight is dropping dramatically every week. We are now at the stage where she is faced with hospital admission but even this has no effect on her she tells me often that she wants to die and I am very scared about her actually harming herself. Weekly sessions with the psychologist always end with, you must eat more, which to her is pointless as she doesn’t want to put on weight, she likes how she looks. If I could access your book via the internet it would be so helpful to me when I am actually in the situations with her, the tips I have read seem to have been written specifically for me situation, something I know many parents struggling with this illness find. I am sorry to ask you for this and in normal circumstances I would buy your book however I have a very unsupportive spouse whose idea of helping our child is to shout at her and I feel that the privacy of me being able to read on line rather than have a book in my hand for him to criticise would help me.
    Kind regards
    Desperate mum

    • Dear Desperate mum, I’ve just emailed you. I do hope that what you find in my book will help get you and your spouse moving forward. Sending hope and courage.

  4. Very Alone said:

    My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with anorexia 8months ago, apart from a dietician we have had no help at all. Just been told she must eat but not anything to help us on how. Am very interested in you book but unfortunately. As a single non working mum I can’t afford to purchase it

    • Hello Very-Alone, I hope you got my email all right, so that you can read the book from this website.

  5. Good enough parent said:

    You book is excellent , is helping us a lot. I don’t know how we would cope without reading your book. /thank you for writing it and sharing your experience with us , I feel like I am not alone and someone understands me even though I never met you I feel like I am connected to you and this is really helping me. I strongly recommend the book , and its cheaper on kindle edition .

    Many thanks ,


    • Fantastic! I felt connected to my imagined readers while I was writing it, so I’m glad that it’s all helping you. I wish you lots of successes, and totally approve of you calling yourself a “good enough parent”!

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