Help for parents of children and teens suffering from anorexia and other eating disorders

Last updated on June 23rd, 2020

Welcome parents, welcome clinicians!

I help parents to support a son or daughter suffering from an eating disorder.

Parents, did you know that YOU are the most precious and effective person for your son or daughter's recovery ?

What you'll find here is in line with the most well-researched approach to treating children and adolescents, and possibly young adults and beyond.

This is family therapy for eating disorders (also called 'family-based treatment' (FBT/Maudsley) or 'anorexia-focused family therapy').  

Clinicians, I invite you to complement your knowledge and tap into the wealth of resources here to deliver the best possible treatment.

How to treat your son or daughter's eating disorder

The practical advice here is gathered from scores of parents and therapists all over the world and from personal experience. It uses all we know from the top researchers from in the field.

And because I've been there and I know you are going through the toughest of times, I serve as your kind and trusted companion, providing hope and confidence.

A book to hold your hand throughout the journey

My book is recommended by parents and by professionals in the field. Whatever stage you're at, you will find how-tos to guide you along, based on research and on the practical experience of parents worldwide. It's available in paperback and ebook, anywhere in the world, from online bookshops and your own bookshop can order it too..

“I can't speak more highly of this book as it helped me to start re-feeding my son whilst waiting to access FBT. Eva is an inspirational person.”

Bitesize: short audios, mega help

If you're in a hurry for lots of fast learning and real-life tips, and if you want to listen on-the-go, I created Bitesize for you. It is a huge collection of audios, each just a few minutes each. It covers the many questions parents ask…. or ought to ask.

Find tons of free help on this site

You could start with the FAQs or read entire chapters of my book right here. Or look up my blog posts or browse through the top menu. Or use the SEARCH box at the bottom.

YouTube videos to coach you and support you

There's my super-popular "bungee-jump" analogy, and another for those struggling with how long to allow a meal to last. Some are in French, German, Spanish. You can find a whole compilation here, or go straight to YouTube and subscribe to my YouTube channel to get updates.

Free helpsheets to get you started fast

These Helpsheets are free, and your therapists may already have given you them! Get started with The Set-up for success and Refeeding tips. Further along the line, learn to Extinguish fears with exposure. And don't think — as happens far too often — that treatment finishes with weight recovery: read Steps to independence. Also available en français, auf Deutsch, en español

Talk with me by video call

In a hurry? Confused? Overwhelmed? Want some coaching? Needing a well-informed and compassionate parent to help you think through your options? You can schedule a video call with me for coaching or support.

Guided meditations

These guided meditations have helped many frazzled and exhausted parents to nourish their wellbeing. Learn to do self-compassion, step-by-step. Get yourself in a calm, loving, empowered frame of mind before a meal, or sink into a peaceful sleep.

Workshops and training

If you organise it, I can deliver a workshop for parents or staff.

Campaigning world-wide

I'm linked up with worldwide communities of parents and with eating disorders experts and I try and do my bit to campaign and be an influencer for better services in various countries.

I keep myself updated so that you can guide your beloved out of their internal hell right away

I'm Eva Musby, I'm a parent and I began this journey when my daughter was struck by anorexia nervosa age ten. That was over 10 years ago. In her later teens she needed help once more, driving me to develop more resources.

I was reading, learning, consulting, in my passion to produce desperately needed, trustworthy resources for parents. You will absolutely NOT hear of just one way that happened to work for my family. I know of hundreds of parents' journeys: those I coach by video call, and those who share know-how on forums.

The resources here will save you years of research and will prevent you going down blind alleys. I want to save you wasting time and struggling unnecessarily the way I did at first . Eating disorders need action fast. I'm here to help you find out what you can do that will make all the difference.

Get hold of the resources you need now

Lots lovingly produced on this website. And lots of hand-holding in the very affordable resources I crafted for you.

Do join my mailing list and subscribe to my YouTube so you know when new resources come up.

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And parents, do tell your clinicians about this site, so other families get this help too.

I wish you and yours heaps of good things!