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About Eva Musby

I live in the UK, with my husband. Our daughter is now well and independent.  She was a happy, well-adjusted kid until shortly after her tenth birthday, when she spiralled into restricting anorexia. Eleven months in hospital restored her health, but couldn't shift her anorexic mindset. Once she was home, we learned a lot and made fast progress. She had some joyful years, and then another setback in her late teens. And now the joy is back and I think it's here to stay.

I have kept learning, researching, learning more.

The resources I offer go beyond my story and my views. I have gathered contributions from other parents, children in recovery, and from experts in eating disorders and in nonviolent communication.

Eva Musby is my pen name.

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What the professionals say about my resources

Any parent can publish advice for other parents, any parent can create a support group. You need to know that my resources are trustworthy.

Perhaps you found me because your clinicians recommended my work. So many do. For more assurances, have a look at this page of testimonials from some of the most reputable professionals.

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Conflict of interest

You need to know that if I tell you I've heard good things about a service provider, it's genuine, not because I have any financial interest.

I am occasionally paid by Geneva hospital's eating disorder service ALINEA for consultancy as they develop a website. I am occasionally paid by various eating disorder services to train staff. These have included Brussels' Hopital Erasme and the NHS Children and Young People Eating Disorder Services in Wales, in Lancaster, and in Yorkshire.

I am not paid by any companies to promote their products.

In 2020-21 I was on the Advisory Board of Equip as they were coming into existence. The only payment I accepted was a fee for each board meeting I attended. I turned down the offer of shares in the company. In June 2021 I left the board as I did not feel I was contributing anything significant and did not want to publicise this apparently excellent company's work while they were paying me.

I get an income from my book, audio products, coaching calls, and workshops, which allows me to work full-time in this field and maintain this website.

I use the affiliate scheme for Amazon and for The Book Depository: this means I earn commission if you make qualifying purchases on those sites directly after clicking on my book links. I aim to only link to relevant books that may genuinely be useful to you.

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