Bitesize: learn to help your child, in short audio bites

Last updated on November 22nd, 2021

Are you in a hurry for information, tips and support ?

Are you too busy or overwhelmed to read ?

Do you want to hear models of helpful conversations ?

This is why I created Bitesize. It's a large collection of very short audio clips, which you can dip in and out of. Each between 1 and 5 minutes.

Help with your FAQs

I cover the frequently asked questions that come up when I coach parents. Plus the questions that parents don't yet know they ought to ask!

Dip in and out of over 150 audios to find an answer to what you need right now. For instance:

  • How to talk to your son or daughter about starting treatment
  • All aspects of helping your child to eat: what, how much, how
  • All stages of the journey, from the early feeding challenges to normal life and relapse prevention
  • Communication skills for compassionate persistence and loving connection
  • Working with health providers (even when you disagree)
  • Tips for your own wellbeing
  • and so much more

* See the full list of audios currently on Bitesize *

"These are an excellent resource. We don’t always have time to sit and read on this journey so small chunks of information on how to support our daughter whilst we are walking or driving really help!"

(From a parent, writing here)

Should I get your book or Bitesize?

They complement each other, as explained here.

How do I listen to Bitesize?

Listen online on your phone or computer. Bitesize is highly searchable, so you can focus on what you need right now. The whole collection is also on a playlist so you can listen continuously hands-free (e.g. while you're driving).

You can also download the collection for offline listening on your phone, tablet or computer.

As soon as you've bought Bitesize, you'll be emailed a link to register, and then the most up to date Bitesize is there for you to listen online anytime.

* Why do you charge so little / so much? *

* Can you help out as right now money is a headache? *

Enjoy this sample of Bitesize

Here are a few clips to give you a feel for Bitesize.

Walking through hell with your child

To give you the courage to support  your child and empathise in spite of their anxious resistance.

“I was desperate for my parents to feed me”

The hints our children give us. A letter from 40-year old Helen who is now using her parents’ help.

“We’re taking charge”: principles

You are ready to start treatment. How to you talk to your child about it? These principles will help you improvise. Do you need their  consent?

‘I’ll eat if you back off! ’

How much space to give when your child says they’ll eat better if you shut up and back off? Firm, kind and vigilant.

"I'm fat": Refuse to engage

I demonstrate the most standard response to your child’s ‘fat’ questions: a compassionate and persistent “I’m sorry, we’re not discussing weight, it’s not helpful”.

I hope you enjoyed those samples!

* Click for a complete list of audios currently on Bitesize *

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