Should I get your book or Bitesize?

Last updated on March 28th, 2020

They complement each other:

  • If you are overwhelmed, get Bitesize
  • If your partner has disengaged and won't read, get them Bitesize
  • If you relate more to the spoken voice than the written word, get Bitesize
  • If you want to hear me modelling connecting and effective conversations, get Bitesize
  • If you long for support while you drive, sit in waiting rooms, and go about your daily life, get Bitesize on your phone
  • Listening to Bitesize through headphones is more discreet than using the book
  • If you want complete, comprehensive guide, covering just about everything, get the book.
  • If you're more visual, like to underline passages and take notes, get the book
  • For references to the research that I base my guidance on, and to further sources of information, get the book.

And yes, I hope you will get both the book and Bitesize:

I believe you'll find the combination so supportive. Bitesize and my book complement and reinforce each other. It's helpful to hear the same crucial message presented in different ways. And that could save you and your child weeks, months, years….