What to say when you discover your child binned food at school (eating disorders)

Bin food in school - eating disorder

In the book I give you principles and examples of empathy and dialogue.
Here is one more example you might relate to.

The child has secretly been binning food in school and the parent is trying to connect, understand and find solutions.

What can the parent say to both connect and find solutions?

School support: a checklist for parents of a child with an eating disorder

School support: checklist for parents

Teamwork between parents and teachers helps children with eating disorders benefit from school.

I imagine that staff in schools all over the world have a desire to contribute to a child and a family’s wellbeing. If this is not what you’re seeing, the key to removing obstacles is communication. Engage key teachers in understanding the issues and priorities for your child. Discuss how they can support her with study, friends and eating.

Of course, it might not be right for your child to be in school at all, and I discuss this in my book.
But let’s assume your child is reasonably well, and would benefit from being in school if the right support was in place.
It’s time for an in-depth discussion with the Head, the relevant teachers and support teachers.

In case you’re feeling stressed, here is a checklist of points you might like to raise.