What’s in this book?

A book by a parent, for parents:

Regularly updated: when you buy the paperback or ebook you are getting the very latest version.


What’s the book about and how can it help you?

Here’s a five minute overview:

My aim is for you to find strategies for action as well as emotional support.

I offer you tools you can use right away, after you’ve read just a few sections. And then I’ll give you tools that will help you for the longer term. My intention is to support you through the entire journey.

I address the practical questions (starting HERE) that come up, again and again, in parent circles. Such as:

  • How do I get my child to eat cheese? To eat anything?
  • Will I push him over the edge if I stop him exercising?
  • The specialist is aiming at another 3 kg. Won’t that make my daughter even more anxious?
  • I’m not sure my child is getting the best treatment (see HERE and HERE)
  • What should we do about school, about trips abroad? (see HERE for the period after the crisis).

Most parents also have a whole lot of questions relating to their child’s mental state and how to communicate. See THIS chapter and THIS chapter.  For example:

  • What’s going on in her head?
  • Will my kid and I ever be close again? I miss her.
  • What should I say when he’s hysterical and wailing that he’s fat?
  • Rewards haven’t worked, and threats haven’t either. Is this the end of the road?

Finally, most of us sense that our power to support our children lies in the love we’ve had for them since the day they were born. We yearn for emotional resources when we are sorely stretched. These are covered

  • How can I be calm when I want to scream? (See THIS chapter)
  • I am in despair and I want to cope better (See THIS chapter)
  • I resent losing friends, activities, my job. My ex is on obstacle. (See THIS chapter)

I’ll give you general principles, lots of ideas for you to pick from, and lots of examples.

I use principles of mealtime support and Family-Based Treatment (FBT)Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and mindfulness.

Click below for the book’s back cover blurb.

Back cover - help anorexic child to eat



3 Replies to “What’s in this book?”

  1. Hi Eva,
    I am planning to read more of your book and provide you with the feedback you have asked for.
    I really like what you have written on this page (the ‘about me’-page. So friendly and welcoming.
    You forgot the word ‘mind’ in:
    …please bear in it has not been…

    Warm regards,

  2. Eva, regardless of what the ED specialists say about this book, you taught me how to tackle fear foods and rigidity around fearful eating situations. Because of this book, my child is doing so much better! Get it out there!!!!

  3. Woo hoo! I am absolutely delighted! Hurray for your child and hurray for you.
    The ED specialists who have commented so far have been totally supportive. A team of them is busy checking contents right now, then on to editing, then, spurred on by your encouragement (thanks), on to publishing.

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