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Last updated on February 26th, 2021

Workshops and conferences

Below I try and keep an up-to-date mention of any upcoming events, such as conference talks or workshops I am giving for parents or professionals.

Online workshops

At times I offer workshops by video call (Zoom) which you can book onto here.

If there is no event for you to attend in the near future

I don't organise events myself, so if there isn't an upcoming event, I suggest you have an individual session with me, as a parent or as a professional. Take a look also at Bitesize, as it's another way to hear me give tips.

If you'd like to invite me for an event you are organising, do get in touch. Consider events by video call — they can work just fine.

16 March 2021: workshop for clinicians "Working with Families to aid Eating Disorders Recovery"

For members of the British Psychological Society: FBT therapist Dr Amy Wicksteed has invited me to present a webinar on 16 March.

4 Replies to “Upcoming events”

  1. Hi there
    I have a 16yr old who was recently diagnosed with an eating disorder. She was hospitalized in dec
    She’s currently still going to eating disorder clinic sees a nutritionist and has therapy on zoom twice a week. I’ve got to watch her for every single meal
    If not she will try to throw out part of it.
    I don’t know what else I can do
    I’ve tried to find support groups in my area but I can’t find any. If you have any info or ideas of what I could do I’d appreciate it.

    1. Hello J, I'm sorry for all you are going through, and for your girl's suffering. There is a lot you can do, and that's what all my resources are about. There's so much to learn at the start, and this will make you more effective and confident. I run a "getting started" workshop every Wednesday at the moment. It's not really a support group but if you want to give it a try, it should make you feel very supported, and help you learn the essentials faster. Details on https://anorexiafamily.com/product/workshop-get-started/

  2. I have 17 year old twin daughters, one of whom is anorexic, and the other has developed an eating disorder by insisting on eating exactly the same food and exactly the same amount of food( to the Nth degree)!
    As a result, both girls are intertwined in this strict regime where they restrict.
    It has been almost two years since they were diagnosed, and we are under the CAHMS team, but there is no improvement. In fact, quite the opposite. I can see a steady deterioration of health and I feel totally powerless. I am told that I am the only one who can help them, but as I am battling with both I don't feel I am strong enough. I have a very good relationship with my girls and I don't want to loose them to this evil illness. Please help!

    1. This sounds so very tough for you and your daughters. I totally understand that you feel quite powerless by now, and the pressure of thinking you are "the only one" who can help them must be enormous. It's not correct, though. Family-based treatment puts the parent(s) in charge but the clinicians will want to support and guide you any way they can.
      Two years since diagnosis is pretty good: you're in good time for them to recover very well, according to the research. You are in good time for things to get turned around.
      How about you and your CAMHS team get a new determination, new ideas, from my book? So they can support you some more ways, maybe in a way that you could tell them you'd find especially helpful? Then feel free to get back to me (email me) with any specifics I might be able to help you with. How does that sound for a start?

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