Eating disorders in the United States

Last updated on July 19th, 2022

How to choose excellent eating disorder treatment in the USA

There are some good guides to help you find good specialist treatment for someone with an eating disorder in the US, and how to navigate the insurance system.

Here they are:

Port in a Storm: A F.E.A.S.T. family guide to eating disorder treatment – How to choose a treatment team for a loved one with an eating disorder in the US. Here.

Is Your Eating Disorder “Specialist” Really a Specialist? An article by eating-disorder therapists Alli Spotts-De Lazzer and Lauren Muhlheim. Here.

If you can't get a good eating disorder treatment team locally

Often you just don't have access to any good outpatient treatment close by. Even if there's an excellent therapist near you, they may have a long waiting list. You want to avoid doing nothing while you wait — early intervention is crucial.

Nowadays there is a lot more telemedicine available, luckily. You don't even need to choose someone in the US — it can be someone anywhere in the world. In the US, note that for insurance reasons, a professional from one state may only be allowed to provide telecare in some other states.

Choosing a certified FBT therapist gives you some level of trust that you've got someone trained and supervised at a high level. I list those I know do treat by video call here.

The 504 Plan: your school's obligation

In many countries, there is legislation to ensure schools will support students with a disability and will remove barriers to learning. In the US, this is the 504 plan. Read more, for instance here.