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Last updated on April 30th, 2021 you love to talk with me about practical concerns, knowing I understand what it's like to care for a child with an eating disorder? Maybe you'd really like some coaching so you can communicate more easily, or so you can help your child to eat?

Or do you want to take care of yourself by getting some emotional support?

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I would be glad to help you with these needs, and it's easy wherever you are in the world by video call (Zoom) or by email. I can help you top up your level of wellbeing so that you can cope and even thrive during these extremely demanding times.

I believe every single parent should have access to individual support of this type, but treatment centres focus – understandably – on the child. So parents have to find their own path in order to grow their resilience. My personal experience is that even at a time I knew tons about eating disorders, I found individual support invaluable. We all need other people who understand the nature of our enormous task.

Helping you access a more empowered stateInner power for parents of a teen with eating disorder

  • We often feel isolated, sensing that we can't truly share with others what's going on for us. That's an extra layer of suffering — human beings need connection. I can be a compassionate companion, so that you feel listened to and accompanied with care.
  • Our suffering can be overwhelming. We cry all the time. We carry a sense of dread or anger. We are confused, exhausted and there's no room for clear-thinking, patience or love. I can help you access a mindful, compassionate, empowered state, where you actually feel well. A well-resourced state from where you can make wise decisions and act in line with what really matters to you. You can experience this shift of state during our calls and gain tools for when the next difficulty comes up. My experience is that in the longer term this increases our resilience and capacity for wellbeing. Think of it as post-traumatic growth.

Eva’s compassionate, friendly and genuinely caring approach combined with her very well informed, helpful and practical advice left me feeling inspired, reinvigorated and superbly well supported.

Coaching you so you're not walking on eggshells

Coaching parents to withstand teen's resistance - anorexia

  • If you're struggling with what to say and how to say it, I can offer coaching based on principles of compassionate communication, and on my learning and experience.
  • Parents face daily challenges as they support their child through meals and other highly charged situations. I can offer practical pointers based on my own experience and that of many other parents.

It has really helped to practice difficult conversations. In the panic of an overwhelming ED situation I feel so muzzy-headed but this time I remembered your words and my daughter’s distress slowly diffused.

Helping you work out your next steps

  • Prompt, effective treatment greatly increases the likelihood of recovery. I spend many hours keeping myself updated to save you hours of research, delays and heartache.Support for parents of a child with an eating disorder
  • We are faced with choices every step along the way of our child's recovery. I can help you clarify your thoughts and review your options, and I will share what I've learned from hours of connecting with other parents too.

"In our Skype session we gained valuable insights and suggestions that we have been able to put into practice"

Why me?

  • Do you engage with my personality in my writings and videos? If so, chances are you'll feel well supported one-on-one.
  • Like you I have lived, over and over again, the ups and downs of supporting my child through an eating disorder through a range of pre-teen and later teen stages. I know how it feels. I know the importance of both practical know-how and emotional support. I also know that one size does not fit all, that parents need flexibility and empathy for their own particular situation. My desire is that you should feel understood, and never judged, patronized or lectured to.
  • I have accumulated thousands of hours communicating with parents and clinicians, learning from a wide range of parents' and sufferers' experience, reading research and talking with clinicians and researchers. I am active in the field of eating disorders through online groups, and presently represent parents on a national health steering group for clinicians. That's saving you a lot of precious time and energy finding your way in a fast-moving field.
  • I've been learning about psychology and self-help since my teens. I have studied and practised emotional skills for so long they are now second nature. I have hours of courses and practice in Nonviolent Communication and mindfulness under my belt. What this means is that spending time with me should bring out the best in you.
  • I am learning, updating myself, going on courses and workshops, getting supervision (I will discuss confidentiality with you), so what you're getting is the best of me and of my own network at any time.

 I cannot recommend what you are offering to parents more highly and I only hope that other parents can also benefit from your kindness, compassion and huge wealth of knowledge and experience

What I am NOT offering

  • I do not have official qualifications or licence as a psychologist or psychotherapist. Although I am well informed about many therapeutic methods and I have benefited from several myself, and could discuss them with you, I do not propose to heal past traumas — there are evidence-based approaches for this for which I am not specifically qualified. I am very glad when people enjoy several sources of support in parallel.Coaching parents - no snake oil
  • I am not proposing to diagnose or treat your child. I would hope to be a useful adjunct to what a good treatment team is doing for you. If you don't have decent treatment locally, please be aware there are certified FBT therapists who offer treatment via video call. I will not tell you what to feed your child, how much she should weigh, whether he should be in hospital or out of school or on bed rest. On the other hand, if what you tell me about your child's treatment worries me, I will share what I know from research and experience, and will offer to help you with your decision-making process.
  • I am not pretending to have everything in my life worked out. I'm on a journey too and I learn more every day.

 It has brought alive the messages you offer in your book and has helped me to understand Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and how it plays a huge role in my communication with both my daughter and other people in my life, including professionals


Hear from one parent the difference support has made:

Why I do this

Supporting parents is what I'm most interested in and where I find meaning, satisfaction and connection. I put in a huge number of hours to be well-informed, update my book, produce free resources, and be as effective as I can. I do not want to waste my life on other paid work that doesn't light my fire any more. This here is what I want to do. It is a real privilege to accompany people along a journey that is so demanding and so very precious to them. What better work could there be?

Where to find the privacy?

Some parents find it hard to find a time to talk privately, as their son or daughter is at home all the time. Here are solutions some have found: booking a wi-fi room in their library, calling from a neighbour's, calling from the car using their smartphone.

Some practicalities

Time: Usually some time on weekdays between 9 am and evening UK-time. You can see my availability (more or less accurate) in your own time zone on

Fee for video or phone sessions:

Fees are here.

The session fee includes brief email support in between sessions if you need it. If you need email support that requires a lot more of my time, see below.

For email support: Email is, I think, not as effective as video call but might be your best option if it's the only way to get some privacy. Pricing is similar to video sessions as it takes me just as long to read and reflect on a long or complex email from you, or to research and check things for you,  or to point you to lots of information. I propose a pay-per-week system, where for the cost of a 1.5 hr video call, you write to me as often as you like and I will reply twice a week (and if you need quick, urgent short replies in between, that's included). If you don't need regular help, you may prefer a pay-per-email system, usually the cost of a one-hour video call. Pricing for email support is bound to get a little blurry, and my intention is to use common sense, give you plenty of clarity and keep checking that it's working for you.

Peace of mind for you: if you are not happy with our first session, you can choose not to pay for it.

How to pay: I'll invoice you after our session with details of how to pay. If you are in the UK this will be by bank transfer. Anywhere else, I'll send you a Paypal invoice (Paypal will deal with the currency exchange). If we needed to speak by phone I would ask you to call me so you bear the phone charge.

Keeping it easy for you: You don't need to commit to any number of sessions. Some people want support once a week, others much more randomly. I've had feedback from a few people that just one session completely turned them around. Feel free, and try to give me a day's warning if you want to cancel a call. I will aim to do the same. We all have children (and elderly parents etc etc) so anything can happen.

If you've never used Skype, Zoom or similar, I'll give you simple instructions, so you should find it easy. All you need is a computer or phone with a camera on it, with an internet connection.

Get in touch now

Do use my online calendar or message me: it's all here.

If the wait is too long… or if the cost is an issue 

What if my diary is full, or if you can't afford this?

Personally I've always found it a stretch to pay for support, so I'm most sympathetic to those of you who need other avenues. And I also know how urgent it can be to get help NOW.

My availability goes in waves, and there can be cancellations, so if my diary is very full, do check again. Also, my diary only shows a certain number of days ahead.

If you're wanting my help very soon and can't get it, may I suggest you get hold of my book and/or of my Bitesize audio collection, as plenty of parents tell me they've had breakthroughs from the help in there. Bitesize, in particular, covers topics that usually come up in calls, and you can hear me modelling communication. I also run online workshops that cover the most needed topics. They usually have small enough numbers to allow quite a bit of interaction.

There are other people, organisations and charities who run workshops or host support lines : all the details and links are here.

There's also a lot of help to be had from online parents' groups, which I list here. I'm on some of those groups myself on and off.

If you're needing emotional support, you can also ask your doctor (or employer) to refer you for counselling — hopefully you will land on someone wonderful. At times I've struggled to find a counsellor that suits me and I offer some tips here. I also describe some forms of therapy here, including those validated for trauma.

And again, if what you're looking for is remote treatment for your child, check out the certified FBT therapists who deliver treatment by video call.

Finally, don't let your child's situation get seriously worse. If you're ever in doubt, use your accident & emergency services. If you're on a waiting list for treatment, keep informing services of worsening symptoms or behaviours, so that they can re-assess and move you up their priorities.

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