Individual support or coaching for parents of a son/daughter with an eating disorder

Last updated on September 14th, 2023

I offer one-on-one sessions, parent-to-parent. You can book directly on my calendar below. I am sorry if you can't find any availability. Sometimes I free up time at short notice, so it's worth coming back to this page to check.

Get great help even when I have no availability

If you're at the beginning of this journey, please don't wait for me or for a clinic. It's really useful to intervene early. Get your doctor on board, learn as fast as you can and get started.

I'd like to encourage you to join one of my workshops. It's my way of supporting a lot more parents and sparing them the wait if my calendar for individual sessions is full. I cover a lot of practical stuff, you can ask questions, or if you prefer you can stay in the background. And you can pay as little as is right for you.

Indeed if you go ahead and have an individual session with me, we can get right into what is especially useful to you if you've already got the essentials from a workshop.

Again, I am sorry I have so little availability for one-on-ones — I am prioritizing whatever may help more people at a time, with workshops and producing more online resources.

There are also quite a few more ways for you to get support with little or no waiting, all explained here. In particular, you should find you can get yourself informed and empowered with my book and/or of my Bitesize audio collection.

So now, onto what the individual support I offer looks like:

Parents: get support or coaching from me to boost you as you deal with the eating disorder

  • Get practical information and weigh up options
  • Get coaching on feeding your son or daughter
  • Get coaching on compassionate communication (essential with your child…  and with anyone)
  • Get emotional support for yourself

(and please remember that I also do workshops on all this)

"After 5 years of helping my daughter battle anorexia, I found the compassion, understanding and practical coaching from you of more help than anything else on our journey. For anyone wondering if this might help, there is no doubt that it will."

Support for parents, wherever they are in the world

By video call (Zoom). Sometimes by email (or a mixture of video call and email)

"What we parents need is compassion and practical advice and you are a master on both."

Be more effective, right away: towards recovery from the eating disorder

With individual support (and/or my workshops) you benefit from the wealth of knowledge that could otherwise take you years to collect and make sense of.  And  at the same time you get the care you need for yourself.


Note that for the first call I recommend 1.5 hours

If you're in the UK: £135 for a 1.5 hour call or £105 for an hour.

Outside the UK, because Paypal charges me fees: £140 for a 1.5 hour call or £110 for an hour. This is UK £ pounds. Here's a currency calculator.

* LINK: More information to help you decide about support/coaching from me *

Propose a time that suits you

On the calendar below (or here), please propose a time and jot a few words to tell me what support you're needing. The sessions on the calendar are automatically 1.5 hour. I recommend this for a first call so you can leave with lots of good help. If we've already talked, go ahead with the calendar and let me know if you want just one hour.

If I don't have any slots in my diary

I'm really sorry that you may not find a slot. I've set my calendar to display a rolling 6 weeks ahead and it gets filled up fast. As a new day comes up, it may or may not have an availability for a session (because I don't do these sessions every day of every week). Having said that, make sure you scroll down on the calendar to see all the available times in a day. And check again as sometimes I get freed up at short notice.

Here's a 9mn video to give you an overview and let you hear a couple of parents' testimonials:

Feedback from parents of a son or daughter with an eating disorder

"I cannot recommend Eva enough, and I sense that my journey with her will rank among one of the most insightful and rewarding in my life."

"You have such a gift Eva – your way of communicating is very gentle and loving and also fun! I have always felt very much listened to and cared for.

And it has been wonderful to know there is someone out there who knows what it is like and who cares and has so much experience and knowledge and wisdom to share. The emotional support you have given me has been invaluable and I have learnt a huge amount about compassionate communication from you.

Having you supporting me has definitely made me feel stronger. You are often with us in those very stormy moments overlooking it all with your gentle presence.I am very grateful to you Eva. You have helped us so very much."

"Thank you so much for today.  You helped me so much.  Just being kind to my core self had a very uplifting energising effect. I was energised into doing some weeding and planting!!  So what you are doing works!"

"This is the longest happy period we have had in I don't know how long and I just want to enjoy it.  Also she has not self-harmed for 4 days…this is amazing and I am totally linking it to your advice… I guess she was just desperate for me to hear her and not try and solve her problems."

"I know that we only talked for a very short time but I want you to know how important that was for me.  I was very low at that time but our conversation was enough for me to realise that I needed to talk with my family and let them in.  It has been a turning point."

"After our experiences with the professionals I had been put off seeking any help. After reading your book I felt you would be different – and you are! It felt extremely good talking to someone who's been there, done that (and then wrote the book!). I loved your insight, experience and knowledge. But most of all I loved the fact you're not judging us – but choosing to walk alongside us. Thank you!"

* LINK: More information to help you decide about support/coaching from me *

18 Replies to “Individual support or coaching for parents of a son/daughter with an eating disorder”

  1. I just want to let everyone know how helpful it is to talk to Eva. We have been supporting our daughter now for two years, and the most difficult time was about 6 months into the illness when we had to deal with a lot of violent conflict. This seemed to be something our eating disorders team didn't want to talk about, and we felt isolated and ashamed. My husband and I had one session with Eva together, and two separately (due to difficulty) in being there together. She helped us so much emotionally, and explained things to us, in a way that wasn't possible in our FBT sessions. Our daughter is now recovering and we will be grateful for ever for all the help we have needed to get this far.

    1. Thank you, dear 'parent from Surrey'. You all had it particularly hard and I am glad I was part of your lives, and even gladder to read your girl is now recovering.

  2. I can't thank you enough for your support Eva. After 5 years of helping my daughter battle Anorexia, I found the compassion, understanding and practical coaching from you of more help than anything else on our journey. For anyone wondering if this might help, there is no doubt that it will. Thank you 🙂

  3. It was such a blessing to discover your website! My daughter was diagnosed with anorexia aged 13, and we worked hard as a family to help her recovery, with ups and downs over the years. But when she dipped dramatically aged 20, in her second year of university, I thought she must need professional "adult" help, and that family therapy was no longer relevant – whilst at the same time feeling overwhelmed with panic and fear. Our 90 minute coaching session helped me to realise that I was still able to support her efforts to get back on track without making her feel like a child again. It was especially useful to model difficult conversations and think about choices of words. I stopped feeling frightened of saying anything in case it was the wrong thing to say. We have had a very happy and positive summer and feel much better equipped to weather whatever is around the corner. Thank you!!

  4. Dear Parent(s),

    Coaching with Eva has been by far the most nourishing and enriching experience for me in years. I have been given the crucial know how needed to navigate my daughter through this tough time. But actually, more than that, I have learnt to navigate the same choppy waters i find within myself, and gain a better understanding, and kindness to myself.

    I cannot recommend Eva enough, and I sense that my journey with her will rank among one of the most insightful and rewarding in my life.


  5. Thank you, Eva, for the coaching session with me and my husband. I think it is wonderful that you can offer parents the opportunity to benefit from your support and guidance in this way. As you know, I first found out about you when someone recommended your book. At that time, I felt bereft. My son was very ill and I didn't know how to help him. Your book was my lifeline during those early weeks – it gave me what I needed to support my son through each mealtime (understanding of anorexia, practical advice and self-belief). I took up the opportunity to have a coaching session with you because my husband and I needed time-out to reflect on where we'd come from, and where we were heading, as our son moved to another phase in his recovery. In our Skype session with you, we gained valuable insights and suggestions that we have been able to put into practice. Thank you also for all the additional information that you shared with us by email after our session. What you offer, through your coaching and all the additional resources on your website, is highly professional, parent-focused and deeply compassionate. It is reassuring to know that we can come back to you any time, as indeed we will.

  6. Eva, myself and my husband found your coaching session invaluable at a very stressful time. Our eight year old was in the midst of an all encompassing restrictive eating disorder. The temper tantrums, self loathing and distress were out of control. Firstly we did not get access to FBT for first twelve weeks and your book was a lifesaver and gave me all the information I needed to start re feeding. Then you kindly helped E mail relevant people out of the kindness of your heart to try and get us the help we needed.
    The one to one session we had with you was very valuable. It was great to learn from your experience and wealth of knowledge. We felt very comfortable speaking to you and the role play we did gave us tools to help our son. The most valuable thing we gained was an understanding of how important compassion is in the recovery and once we accepted the illness and focused on supporting our son with as much compassion as possible we made real progress. He is continuing to go from strength to strength. He is eating three meals a day and even snacking intuitively himself. He has been out for meals and has started eating in front of his friends again. He is so much happier and tantrums and distress are a thing of the past. He is tackling new fears on a weekly basis.
    Thanks so much again for your amazing help and support.

    1. Tammy, my heart is so full! I am so glad to have been part of your success in turning this illness around. May your little boy have a charmed life!

  7. Dear Eva, A big thank you for your coaching which is helping me through a very challenging time. The practical ED information combined with the advice on compassionate self-care gave me an immediate sense of gaining strength, confidence and clarity. Beccy

  8. Dear Eva
    I have only had a couple of skype calls with you so far but I wanted to let you know how helpful it has been to feel truly understood.My YA daughter has been ill for many years and is not really wanting to recover.
    It has really helped to practice difficult conversations. In the panic of an overwhelming ED situation I feel so muzzy-headed but this time I remembered your words and my daughter's distress slowly diffused. With your kind and compassionate words in my head I don't feel quite so alone and incompetent. Thank you Eva

  9. Having read Eva's book (Anorexia and Other Eating Disorders which I thoroughly recommend) I recently opted for one-to-one Skype consultations with her to help me overcome so obstacles which I have been facing in supporting my teenage daughter who is currently recovering from Anorexia Nervosa and depression. Eva's compassionate, friendly and genuinely caring approach combined with her very well informed, helpful and practical advice left me feeling inspired, reinvigorated and superbly well supported. Thank you, Eva. You are doing amazing and important work.

  10. I have been been doing consultations with Eva for several months for my financially independent YA daughter. Eva has been so helpful – very knowledgeable in all aspects of eating disorders, helping me figure out priorities and how to accomplish them, and giving wonderful, practical empathetic support when I was feeling hopeless about helping our daughter. She did research and found an excellent therapist even though we are on different continents, helped me figure out what needed to be done to help our daughter, what we actually could do although we have no financial leverage, and steps to achieving the goals. Although it is still very much a work in progress, I went from feeling like we could do nothing to help, to realizing there was much we could do to help our daughter. I feel our daughter is now in good hands, is invested in working on getting better, and is actually doing the work. Thank you, Eva!! I don't feel we could have accomplished this without your knowledge, help, kindness and concern, and empathetic support.

  11. Dear Eva
    I just wanted to say how very much I have appreciated the support and care you have shown to me over the past 12 months. During this time, when my now 16 year old daughter has been in her 2nd year of inpatient treatment, I have needed what I can only describe as "places of refuge" in order to keep me standing upright and able to manage. You provide a place of refuge for me during our Skype conversations. What do I mean by that? I mean the careful listening, the attention you give me, the acceptance of all that I bring, whether that be despair, sadness, anger or resentment, as well as the sometimes small steps of "progress". You have helped me to stay connected with myself and through that to connect with my daughter. It has brought alive the messages you offer in your book and has helped me to understand NVC and how it plays a huge role in my communication with both my daughter and other people in my life, including professionals. I cannot recommend what you are offering to parents more highly and I only hope that other parents can also benefit from your kindness, compassion and huge wealth of knowledge and experience. Thank you.

  12. Hi Eva,
    Re becoming a coach – go for it! You were my rock on our ED journey & I'm proud to be able to call you my friend. Any parents receiving support & advice from you are very lucky. Your knowledge is gained through your own experience & careful thorough research, peppered with a good dose of empathy & common sense. I know you won't endanger anyone with your advice and you will be an invaluable support to anyone you advise!
    All the best, Linedup

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