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Why these audios?

Ages ago, I was struggling to get myself in a compassionate state ahead of a meal. I’d just had a tough interaction with my daughter, I felt agitated, aggressive and weepy. I only had 20 minutes alone before she returned, at which point I’d have to support her through some challenging food. I found a hypnotic relaxing audio on YouTube, but as I listened it seemed to be making no difference at all. I despaired. Especially as she came home early and I didn’t feel at all ready to be compassionate.

Well, it was amazing. As soon as I greeted my daughter, I realised I was chilled, kind, supportive and feeling totally up to the task.

After that I hunted around for the ideal audio resource. I couldn’t find anything that would really suit my situation, so I set about producing my own. First I did a lot more research into self-connection and compassion, which led to changing Chapter 13 of my book, and at last, I produced these audios. I hope you will find them very helpful. You can listen to a slightly rougher version of Audio 1 and Audio 3 on YouTube. But you can’t easily or legally download from YouTube, so by buying these files you can have them for keeps and also support my work, or at least some decent tea.
The principles used in this audio come from my experience, from teachings on mindfulness (Tara Brach, Flint Sparks), from the research on compassion by Kristin Neff and of Paul Gilbert, from Buddhist and other wisdoms, and from Nonviolent Communication (NVC), in particular the teachings of Robert Gonzales.

Try before you buy

Here are the YouTube versions of Audio 1 and Audio 3. The versions you can buy for keeps are a bit more polished in places.

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