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This is the current ebook version of Eva Musby's book (also available from Amazon's Kindle store).

(If you prefer a paperback, buy from Amazon  or The Book Depository or order from a bookshop or from your library. There is no audiobook, but if you'd enjoy learning on the go, check out my Bitesize audio collection.)

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2 reviews for Ebook for download

  1. k

    Your book is truly amazing. There is so much information in it that I can relate to with my daughter, yet you share facts which no professional has ever shared with us. And you do it with an empathy and compassion that we have found tragically lacking from the hospital team she was with.
    I myself have been a doctor for 25 years; I worked as a hospital paediatrician before going into General Practice. I was shocked and disappointed to find out how little help, delivered with such little compassion, that our 'expert' eating disorders team had to give her and us as her family when we were admitted to hospital for 2 months.

    I now understand it was very far from family based therapy; simply having the family in the room is not what family based therapy is, not when the focus is taking the power away from the family and forcing us to let these 'experts' fix the patient. It was an ordeal that pretty much broke us all and robbed us of our confidence to help our own child. At discharge we were left with a very disturbed, terrified, enraged and violent 12 year old girl, effectively possessed by demons of anorexia. The child inside seemed to have been lost for ever.

    I wish I had found your book months ago. I have read extensively professional and non professional literature about eating disorders but your book surpasses them all. Every page contains nuggets of valuable facts and you display a competence and humanity which I so wish we had been shown months ago.

    Thank you so very much for giving me some strength and hope to try to bring my little girl back.

    K, New Zealand

  2. Eva Musby

    There are plenty of reviews on Amazon
    Also some on this website: on anorexiafamily.com/feedback-readers

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