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Last updated on June 7th, 2020

This is the current ebook version of Eva Musby's book.

(If you prefer a paperback, buy from Amazon  or The Book Depository or order from a bookshop or from your library)

You get a choice of ebook formats

You will receive the ebook in a range of formats to suit your Kindle, or iPhone or tablet, or as a pdf. You'll also receive guidance on installing to your reading device.

Benefits of buying direct from me

A benefit of buying right here is that the link you receive should enable you to get updates in the future. (For now, be assured that wherever you get this book, as an ebook or paperback, it's always the latest version).

Another benefit: you may copy the ebook files to pass on to your family members. For anyone else, please let them buy their own (and if they can't afford it they can get in touch for a free copy).

Buying the Kindle version from Amazon will not give you those benefits, but would give you the advantage that the ebook would automatically appear on your Kindle reader.

See terms & conditions.

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  1. Eva Musby

    There are plenty of reviews on Amazon
    Also some on this website: on anorexiafamily.com/feedback-readers

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