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Last updated on October 24th, 2022

Free help sheets which you (parents, therapists, anyone) may print out, copy, email to others, make available on forums and distribute freely. Each topic fits onto one nicely-presented page.

Short and sweet

I've bundled them together for you to download but I suggest you only give out one sheet at a time when parents are in shock and suffering from overwhelm. If you want them to have lots more, point them to my book, which will give them more nuanced support.

The four sheets contain:

If you don't want to download the sheets, follow the links above to read the content of each.

Copying: be my guest!

I just ask that you don't make any changes. That way I stay accountable for what I write. If you are itching to change something, please make up your own sheets, with your own name.

If you'd like to recommend these sheets to others I suggest you direct them to this page, so we're sure they get a quality printout, not a sad blurry mess.


I may change these or create new sheets. You can check you have the latest version: the date is on the bottom right of each sheet.

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Eva Musby's mailing list - eating disorders

Relevance to a family-based approach

These tips help parents treat their child/teen for a restrictive eating disorder (e.g. anorexia) using a family-based approach to treatment (FBT or FT-AN or similar). Some tips are relevant to bulimia, binge eating disorder and OSFED. May not all be suitable to ARFID sufferers. This is not a substitute for professional advice. Please check with your child’s clinicians as your child’s needs may be different.

Thank you

Thank you to the parents and therapists who checked these for me. I am particularly reassured to have received the go-ahead for the first four sheets from James Lock and Daniel Le Grange, authors of the research and manual for Family-Based Treatment.

Note that these helpsheets are available in other languages too. 

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