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Last updated on September 13th, 2021

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8 reviews for Bitesize: a big collection of short audios

  1. K

    Hi Eva
    I just wanted to say how much your audio bitesize collection has helped myself and my newly diagnosed 11 year old son who has Anorexia .
    He spent 6 weeks in hospital being badly malnourished with a low heart rate . The hospital put him on a feeding tube , then a large meal plan and then sent him home . Week 3 at home and yes some struggles with particular foods that he doesn’t like eating but no big issues until this morning when he refused any food whatsoever. I was lucky enough to buy your audio (as the book hasn’t arrived via post I’m in Australia )

    I have listened for weeks while walking the dog and was able to use your information and put it into play . It worked all the compassion, holding hands , touch and hug he began to eat and really only took about 10 minutes .

    So Thank you !!!! So much for sharing your journey . I really do not think anything would of worked .

  2. Mlx

    In addition to the book, these audios made it 'click' for me, I understand more about what needs to be done and how to do it. Especially using the bond of love between parent-child as main starting point for all interventions. The suggestions for communication (for example what to say to my child when she has an angry meltdown) helps me too.
    I also find it comforting to listen to Eva's voice, sounding so calm and reassuring. Thank you Eva for this help and guidance.
    To other parents, carers I wish you and your child well.

  3. S

    I have listened to all of these at least once – many of them two or three times – and they are extremely helpful. Eva's calming voice, practical approach, compassion, and empathy are very reassuring. Sometimes I'll listen to a random audio clip – regardless of the topic – just to hear a calming voice. And in situations with my child at the table, I have often caught myself about to say something when I remember a better way to approach the situation from one of Eva's concrete examples. These little audios are a portable "voice of reason."

  4. Anon

    These are great. Easy to listen to. Very easy to find info using the search function. Short and to the point, which is just what’s needed in the first couple of weeks when it’s all a bit overwhelming.

  5. Anonymous

    These are an excellent resource. We don’t always have time to sit and read on this journey so small chunks of information on how to support our daughter whilst we are walking or driving really help!

  6. Mel

    I have bought and downloaded your Bitesize podcasts. I bought your book although I’m too tired to pick this up at night , so the podcasts are perfect for when I’m ironing or walking the dog.
    I have picked up lots of tips and I do believe the reason I failed over the last 3 months is I wasn’t strong enough and didn’t Fully understand the illness.
    Yesterday was a good day, my daughter who eats the same food everyday since June last year asked to try porridge for a change. I wanted to cry .

    The bungee jump and kidnapper has stayed with me and I relate back to that in most scenarios. Thank you

  7. Angela

    The BiteSize Audios are absolutely brilliant and have become my dog walk playlist, which is often in tears when I hear Eva speaking so compassionately and eloquently describing scenarios that we are currently facing. Eva talks about us walking side by side with our child as they walk through hell; it feels like she is there with us, giving sensible, supportive advice and for this I cannot thank her enough.

  8. Annies

    Eva, I must just tell you that I've discovered your bite size audio clips- they're absolutely brilliant, you talk an incredible amount of sense. After a long day with my daughter, they're just about all I can manage. These, combined with revisiting your book, will, I'm sure, be powerful tools. Only this morning I managed to put something into practice which helped to deescalate tensions with my very distressed daughter, enabling her to face eating her breakfast. So thank you, and thank you, again.

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