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Last updated on February 22nd, 2021

Why this workshop?

Your child has an eating disorder and you're wondering how to get them to eat. You know that early intervention is key, yet perhaps you're on a waiting list. Or perhaps you have been told to feed your child but not told how. Perhaps it feels impossible: you've tried, and everyone came out bruised.

I've been coaching parents one-on-one for a long time and my waiting list has shot up. It looks like the same has happened with the waiting lists of therapists. This is why I'm proposing a workshop with the early essentials to get you started.

The calendar above should show you a choice of dates. I propose you book yourself onto the first suitable date, and later, come back and book another if you think that would help. Some parents find one session gave them what they needed, while others have been pleased to come back several times: the content is roughly the same each time but I vary the details to suit people's needs.

Who is it for?

Parents / carers of a child or young person with an eating disorder, living at home (or who is coming back home for support). Grandparents, aunts, uncles, also very welcome, as parents need all the help they can get. For this reason, feel free to invite them and give them the zoom link — I don't expect extra payment.

Content of the workshop

One and a half hour led by myself:

  • First, some introductions to make you feel welcome and connected to everyone — feeling you're with like-minded souls is a benefit of groups.
  • I explain the main principles of treatment, focusing on what parents can do right away.
  • How to support your child to eat with compassion and persistence:  this is where I share the big principles and the tips that usually help parents. There is a 'lecture' bit, some demonstration or role play with any parents who volunteer, and discussion around your questions.
  • I guide you through one tip for your own wellbeing
  • And hopefully there is more time for questions. Then you can leave, or stay on for the following:

Another half hour follows for parent chat

  • If you want to stay on for another half hour, I keep the room open (possibly in smaller groups) so you can chat freely. If you need me during that time, you can call me into the room. I am creating this space as feedback from parents is so overwhelmingly that they benefit from connecting with others.

Limitations of the workshop: READ THIS FOR YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY

This is parent-to-parent coaching. I am not a clinician. People with an eating disorder needs expert treatment, so keep pushing for this if you are on a waiting list: keep clinicians informed of any worsening symptoms or behaviours. If your child has lost weight or is purging, make sure they are getting medical checks, and if your son or daughter has been undernourished for a while, you must get medical advice about refeeding syndrome before you significantly increase what they eat. Use accident/emergency services any time you are in doubt about your child's condition.

Don't blindly take advice from anyone in the group, including me. There is not enough time in a workshop to know anyone's individual situation well enough. Pay attention to your instincts, read and consult widely. If, as I hope, your child is in treatment, keep the clinicians in the loop if you are considering changing anything you're doing as a result of the workshop.

Pricing: making it affordable to absolutely anyone

Notice that you can choose the currency that suits you.

In this unequal world, I want everyone to have the knowledge to help their child, whatever their finances. I'm pricing this workshop so as to cover my tech costs, have an income and most of all, be able to make it affordable for those who would not otherwise come.

In this way, those of you who can pay full price are contributing to those who can't.

To pay less, no explanations needed – just use a 'coupon' on the checkout page:

  • If you choose to pay 80%, the coupon is workshop80
  • If you choose to pay 75%, the coupon is workshop75
  • And so on, in increments of 5. I'm not offering lower than 15% to try and reduce the risk of intruders. Contact me if you need a lower price.

No cost for other family members, as it takes a village to help our children. So any adult family members (partners, grandparents, aunts/uncles) can piggy-back onto your booking — just book for yourself and give them the booking info.

Tips and rules to keep everyone comfortable: PLEASE READ

You're going to be well looked after in the meeting — that's my intention. Apologies if the following sounds fierce: it's to make sure everyone is OK.

  • Confidentiality: any personal stuff said in the group stays in the group. I will not be recording. It is not acceptable for any participant to record or take screenshots.
  • Everyone's video must be ON. This is to help us know that every participant is genuine, so everyone feels safe and private. If you don't have video then this workshop is not for you. If you're not sure you can make video work, you can practice on
  • Find a private space where your children cannot listen in, as the adults must speak freely. If you think children might eavesdrop, use earphones.
  • Apart from the above rules, everything is an 'invitation'. Feel free to not do something, for instance you can stay quiet, and you can ask to not be included in any smaller group. You can of course click to leave the meeting any time. If anything didn't feel right, please contact me so I don't do it again.
  • Preferably use a big screen as you might find Zoom group meetings on a mobile phone awkward. Position your camera and set up the lighting so you can be seen well (I find this stops me from squinting and makes me more comfortable!)
  • In Zoom, your name is displayed: you can 'rename' yourself (the menu is on the 3 dots)
  • Please come to the meeting a bit before the due time so we can start promptly
  • Get a nice cuppa and a notepad.
  • Tears and emotions totally have a place in our group. I want you to feel comfortable and safe. If you really want to leave you can just click to leave the meeting. You can come back on later.
  • If you know you can't attend the full length of time, you're still welcome. If you have to join the meeting late, that's not ideal of group cohesion but we can live with it.

Using Zoom: where to find the link

When you've gone through the checkout you will see a confirmation screen giving you the zoom link as Join Meeting. I propose you keep hold of it right away. You can also click to add the date to your calendar, and the zoom link will be included.

You will also receive an email with the date and zoom link (Join Meeting )

If you're not familiar with Zoom, feel free to try out the Zoom link right now. I've  also written instructions for a laptop/PC here, and for a phone (and I don't recommend you do this workshop on a phone) here.

Cancellations and refunds

I appreciate you only booking if you know you can attend (it's OK to book at the last minute if you're not sure). Changes create admin work for me  — which feels rather pointless.

If something comes up that prevents you from attending, get in touch and tell me if you would like a refund or to move you to another workshop date. If you'd like a refund, I will hold back 10% or a minimum of £3. This is to account for my time and for the processing fees which I cannot get back from the credit card/paypal companies.

If I have to cancel I will of course give you a full refund, or if you prefer, move you to another date.


3 reviews for WORKSHOP: get started and help your child to eat

  1. Vani

    I attended this workshop today. I feel grateful that we 've found Eva's work …We were lost in despair but now deep inside me I know that we will find our way to recovery…Thank you.

  2. Sue

    I attended this workshop today and have just booked a further one. I am so grateful to have found Eva's work on FBT and have found it insightful, useful and a great consolation too. Meeting with others during the session where we were able to share our experiences and concerns was also very valuable and it was very generous of Eva to enable this. Heartfelt thanks!

  3. Two parents from West Wales

    My wife and I attended three of these workshops individually and jointly. We thought the workshops were excellent. The sessions were well-structured and managed sensitively. They greatly helped our confidence in supporting our daughter with anorexia to eat despite her resistance at meal-times. Watching Eva model how to support your child with their eating at a meal-time was particularly helpful to us.

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