WORKSHOP: phase 2 -the work towards full recovery

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Last updated on August 19th, 2021

The price is flexible: see below

Why this workshop?

Ideally you wouldn't need this workshop, as by now you should have a treatment team who knows you and your child extremely well. However I notice that many youngsters get discharged from treatment soon after weight recovery. Increasingly so at present, with health services overwhelmed with urgent demands.

As their child becomes medically safe, sometimes parents are told to back off and give their child large levels of autonomy. All of a sudden the young person is left in charge of their food and exercise. Yet they still struggle with eating-disordered thoughts, they fear their new weight, they've forgotten what used to be 'normal' for them, and they cling on to behaviours that make them feel more secure. Without skilled support, they may slip back. Our therapist used to tell us, 'Go back to the last thing that worked' but it's hard for parents to take charge again when they have been completely disempowered.

What I'm describing is the absence of a carefully guided 'Phase 2', which is an essential part of treatment family-based style. It's a time where parents need to coach, supervise, and hand back areas of control wisely through small experiments. This is how our children eventually get to be autonomous, ready to live independently. This is also how we parents navigate the balance between vigilance and getting on with our own lives.

It's a phase with many uncertainties, many questions, as illustrated  by this title of  a thread on a parent forum: 'I hate Phase 2!'

The aim of this workshop is to give you some clarity and confidence, as well as the courage and wisdom to bear some of the uncertainties.

Content of the workshop

One and a half hour led by myself:

  • First, brief introductions to make you feel welcome and connected to everyone — feeling you're with like-minded souls is a benefit of groups . However those of you who are Zoom-shy will be able to stay in the background throughout.
  • I take you through the main principles of this phase.
  • We then go through some of your own examples, so that you can hear what has worked, or not worked, for others.
  • Then you can leave, or stay on for the following:

Another half hour follows for parent chat

  • You're welcome to stay on in small groups for another half hour, so you can chat freely. Some parents really like the warmth and connection. If you need me during that time, you can call me into the room.


The calendar above should show you a choice of dates and times. You are welcome to come to just one workshop, or to several.

Who is it for?

This is for parents or carers who have a child or teen with an eating disorder, living at home. Relatives are also most welcome.

My tips tend to help parents treat their child/teen for a restrictive eating disorder (e.g. anorexia) using a family-based approach. This is where most of my knowledge sits. Some tips are relevant to bulimia, binge eating disorder and OSFED. May not all be suitable to people with ARFID or ASD (autism).

Limitations of the workshop: READ THIS FOR YOUR CHILD'S SAFETY

This is parent-to-parent coaching and sharing of experiences. None of what I say, or what other parents share, should be heard as advice-giving. I am not a clinician. People with an eating disorder needs expert treatment, so keep pushing for what your child needs. Inform clinicians of symptoms or behaviours — sometimes they don't realise that your child isn't as 'recovered' as they seem to be in the consulting room. And of course, keep using doctors and the accident/emergency services any time you are in doubt about your child's condition.

Don't blindly take advice from anyone in the group, including me. There is not enough time in a workshop to know anyone's individual situation well enough, and none of us are clinicians. Pay attention to your instincts, read and consult widely. If, as I hope, your child is in treatment, keep the clinicians in the loop if you are considering changing anything you're doing as a result of the workshop.

Pricing: making it affordable to absolutely anyone

Notice that you can choose the currency that suits you.

In this unequal world, I want everyone to have the knowledge to help their child, whatever their finances. I'm pricing this workshop so as to cover my tech costs, have an income and most of all, be able to make it affordable for those who would not otherwise come.

In this way, those of you who can pay full price are contributing to those who can't.

To pay less, no explanations needed – just use a 'coupon' on the checkout page:

  • If you choose to pay 80%, the coupon is workshop80
  • If you choose to pay 75%, the coupon is workshop75
  • And so on, in increments of 5. I'm not offering lower than 15% to try and reduce the risk of intruders. If you'd rather not pay at all, I can book you in manually.

No cost for other family members, as it takes a village to help our children. So any adult family members (partners, grandparents, aunts/uncles) can piggy-back onto your booking — just book for yourself and give them the booking info.

Tips and rules to keep everyone comfortable: PLEASE READ

You're going to be well looked after in the meeting — that's my intention. Apologies if the following sounds fierce: it's to make sure everyone is OK.

  • Confidentiality: any personal stuff said in the group stays in the group. No recording, photographing or screenshots.
  • Everyone's video must be ON. This is to help us know that every participant is genuine, so everyone feels safe and private. If you don't have video then this workshop is not for you. If you're not sure you can make video work, you can practice on
  • Find a private space where your children cannot listen in, as the adults must speak freely. If you think children might eavesdrop, use earphones.
  • Apart from the above rules, everything is an 'invitation'. Feel free to not do something, for instance you can stay quiet, and you can ask to not be included in any smaller group. You can of course click to leave the meeting any time. If anything didn't feel right, please contact me so I don't do it again.
  • Preferably use a big screen as you might find Zoom group meetings on a mobile phone awkward. Position your camera and set up the lighting so you can be seen well (I find this stops me from squinting and makes me more comfortable!)
  • In Zoom, your name is displayed: you can 'rename' yourself (the menu is on the 3 dots)
  • Try to be there a few minutes early, as we start on time.
  • Get a nice cuppa and a notepad.
  • Tears and emotions totally have a place in our group. I want you to feel comfortable and safe. If you really want to leave you can just click to leave the meeting. You can come back on later.
  • If you know you can't attend the full length of time, you're still welcome. If you have to join the meeting late, that's not ideal of group cohesion but we can live with it.

Using Zoom: where to find the link

When you've gone through the checkout you will see a confirmation screen giving you the zoom link as Join Meeting. I propose you keep hold of it right away. You can also click to add the date to your calendar, and the zoom link will be included.

You will also receive an email with the date and zoom link (Join Meeting )

If you're not familiar with Zoom, feel free to try out the Zoom link right now. I've  also written instructions for a laptop/PC here, and for a phone (and I don't recommend you do this workshop on a phone) here.

Cancellations and refunds

I appreciate you only booking if you are pretty sure you can attend (it's OK to book at the last minute if you're not sure). This will save me admin work.

If something comes up that prevents you from attending, get in touch and tell me if you would like a refund or to move you to another workshop date. If you'd like a refund, I will hold back 10% or a minimum of £3. This is to account for my time and for the processing fees which I cannot get back from the credit card/paypal companies. Should you be dissatisfied with the workshop then I will refund you.

If I have to cancel I will of course give you a full refund, or if you prefer, move you to another date.


7 reviews for WORKSHOP: phase 2 -the work towards full recovery

  1. Dominique & Steve

    Our daughter is going into stage 2 of her recovery and as parents we felt very much in the dark as to how we tackle the next phase.
    We booked on Eva’s workshop and found all the advice & help brilliant in guiding us to the next stage.
    Her workshop gives you step by step help & guidance giving you the confidence to move forward.
    We feel now that we have the tools to keep going. So thank you Eva for your valuable time in helping us as parents to help our daughter. xx

  2. Stephanie

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. That was so worthwhile. How odd to feel such a connection with people you don’t even know! All lovely people and good to be in the same "room" as people going through the same thing. Really useful and practical tips for progressing with this scary illness. Thank you, again!

  3. parent in Sussex

    My daughter is not at a proper stage 2 yet but I really wanted to do the workshop to help prepare for what is coming and to have some general contact and support as we are lacking that from our FEDS team.
    The workshop has strengthened my confidence in helping my daughter more and since then she has eaten different foods that were very hard for her. I was not sure how much to push her and the workshop (and Eva's book) has given me the confidence to push more yet not berate myself when it doesn't go well. Being able to ask a question I couldn't find an answer to and have others say they have the same question was really helpful. I realised I am not alone with these things and others have got through them. And the "chat" at the end was very powerful in hearing in more detail about another family's journey (inspirational) and being able to offer suggestions to another parent at the beginning of it all.
    Eva has a gentle warmth that is calming and reassuring; underpining this her strategies really work and she is rock solid in the support she offers. I felt I could throw anything at her and she would know what to do. At times her book feels overwhelming because there is so much information in it and her workshops give the human touch and connection that I so needed. Highly recommended.

    • Eva Musby

      Wow, I am so very glad the workshop did so much for you! Thank you for taking the time to write this.

  4. Cathy

    I attended the phase 2 workshop last week and felt a tremendous sense of relief and empowerment afterwards. Eva's videos on YouTube and her book were incredibly helpful to me as I battled with my daughter's eating disorder over these past eight months and I was so thrilled when I learned that I could "meet" her on zoom. I've encountered quite a few professionals on this journey and none have matched Eva's warmth and compassion and first hand experience and made me feel "seen" and understood the way that she has. Having an opportunity to meet with other parents – through the zoom workshop – who have walked the same path and battled with the same struggle as me was just incredible. There was so much weariness and fear, but the abiding emotion was love. How much we all love our children. How hard we have fought and will fight for them. How extraordinary parents are, just getting things done behind the scenes without recognition and, often without much help. I'm in awe of these mothers and fathers. Thank you Eva for giving us all a place to connect.

  5. Anonymous

    This workshop was a godsend! Phase 2 is a scary stage and it was great to get some guidance from Eva on how to proceed. I really liked her calling this phase "coaching for normal"- as that gives a crystal clear idea of what we are aiming at. I got a lot of useful info. Meeting other parents was also amazing. I have felt very isolated in this battle. I was almost a bit scared of being there on the zoom screen. But it was really special meeting other parents in the same boat. A big relief to talk about this horrible disease with people who understand. I am so happy I found this workshop!

  6. Anonymous

    Eva's website and book saved my sanity at the frightening beginning of this journey. This workshop on phase 2 or guiding our child to normalcy (I like that better), validated what we were doing (inspired by Eva's description on what she did with her own daughter). Connecting with other parents was also great, we have no peer support group where we live. We actually had no help at all at the beginning and only long distance FBT pediatrician (a really good one luckily) after d was already WR so Eva's resources were and still are invaluable, as well as
    Thank you Eva for your great work!

  7. Two parents from West Wales

    We attended three of Eva’s “Getting started and help your child to eat” workshops five months ago. Our daughter with anorexia has made real progress with weight-restoration. This “Phase 2 Workshop” gave us an overview of the types of issues that might be encountered in Phase 2. Hearing other families’ experiences of Phase 2 was interesting as it gave insights into what might lie ahead. Seeing Eva model how to interact with your child over different Phase 2 issues was really helpful. This is an encouraging and confidence-building workshop.

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