What care is there for eating disorders in Scotland?

How are we doing in Scotland and what support is there?Page contentsHow are we doing in Scotland and what support is there?What are the official guidelines or standards for eating disorders in Scotland?Scotland has almost nothing specific to eating disordersThe speed of response: government target is a dangerous 18 weeks!The treatment deliveredWhere we can (and …

Tips to advocate for better eating disorder care in Scotland

Campaigning know-howPage contentsCampaigning know-howDirect ways each of us can drive changeTips: what you can ask your MSP in order to improve eating disorder servicesWaiting time targetsAsk for government to monitor waiting time dataAsk for a treatment StandardSelf-referral to eating disorder specialist servicesFamily-based treatment as the first-line treatmentAnd more…PetitionsGroups working on change in Scotland You don’t …

Act now to improve eating disorder services in Scotland

Act now to improve eating disorder services in Scotland

If you’re in Scotland and want to see better services, here’s an update on campaigns, how to help bring change, what action you can take. This is for anyone, whether you’re affected by an eating disorder, or you’re a parent or clinician.

Can hospital equip you for family-based treatment? A parent’s inspirational account

Hospital - Residential-PHP and FBT for anorexia

A mother’s account of how Residential-hospital and PHP program in ERC-Denver empowered parents to take charge of their children’s recovery, in line with Family-Based Treatment (FBT) principles (family therapy for eating disorders/anorexia). Coaching in mealtime skills, support on dealing with resistance, education.

Adolescent-Focused Therapy (AFT) : a guide to the joint runner-up treatment for anorexia

Adolescent-focused therapy (AFT or AFP-AN) is an individual psychotherapy for adolescents suffering from anorexia. I explain what it is, and the main elements: the psychological work, eating, weight recovery, and where parents fit in.

Adolescent-focused therapy (AFT) for anorexia: how does it compare with family-based treatment?

AFT versus FBT

How does adolescent-focused therapy (AFT) compare with a family-based approach like FBT? What does the NICE guideline say about choosing a family therapy, adolescent-focused therapy or cognitive-behaviour therapy?

Eating disorders policy and guidance for schools

An eating disorder policy for schools. Adapt to suit your school. Not just policy statements but also information and guidance to help staff members be effective fast. Many of your students will have an eating disorder and you can make all the difference.

What’s the best eating disorder treatment for children and young people? The very latest guideline from NICE

Treatment of eating disorders world-wide

What is the best treatment for anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating or OSFED? Answers from NICE, the organisation that reviews the evidence world-wide and publishes guidance for the health service in England. The findings are relevant to all countries.

Eating disorders in Scotland

eating disorders scotland

How are eating disorders treated in Scotland, what are the standards and where can people with an eating disorder and parents get help?

Waiting times for children and young people with an eating disorder: England’s standard shows us the way

The first results following England’s standard on the maximum allowed waiting time for treating a child or young person with an eating disorder.