School trip or summer camp: a helpful flow chart when your child is recovering from an eating disorder

Eating disorder - school trip - summer camp

When your child is in recovery from an eating disorder, you may decide she’s safe enough to go on a school trip. At the same time, there’s an element of risk. What if 10 days away from your supervision is just too much? What if she eats without anxiety but not enough to compensate for all the physical activity?

When my daughter was in this situation, I prepared a flow chart to help me discuss measures with the teacher in charge of the trip. I offer it to you here to help you get started.

Three routes out of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

In this post I offer you three evidence-based approaches to address the effect of traumas large and small, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Our lives, as we support a child with an eating disorder, is peppered with distressing or fearful events — some affect us for a day, and some can bring us to tears, or invade our sleep, even when all is well again. It’s not uncommon for parents to report PTSD.
Our children too accumulate traumas: there’s the eating, the delusional states, the treatment centres, the suicidality, the sense of being utterly alone and misunderstood, and the terrible fights with parents and siblings.

Some traumas stick and lead to post-traumatic stress. Others make us grow and lead to post-traumatic growth.
How can we transform the things that deeply shocked our word into wisdom, gratitude, expansion? Or, less ambitiously, how can we stop being reacting disproportionately to the slightest trigger?