Technical issues with Bitesize or other downloads?

I'm sorry if you've been having technical difficulties with files you got from my 'shop'.
Here are the most common issues – have a look if this will fix it.
If it doesn't, would you email me with the heading 'Technical problem'.

I'm travelling till end of January and cannot check emails regularly. I'd like you to be able to use the files without delay and I want to be able to find your email easily among the big number that's going to accumulate.

Common glitches with downloading files

You can't find the link to download the files you ordered? Look at the email "Your order with Eva Musby". There are TWO columns, one "Product", the other "Download". The download links are in the column headed "Download".

If you didn't get the email, then I'm afraid you'll need to contact me (after checking your spam).

The download doesn't seem to work, or you can't install the files: usually I find that people did successfully download the files, but didn't realise it had worked and don't know which folder the file went to on their device. Search your device for 'musby' or 'eating disorder' or 'ebook' or 'meditation' or 'helpsheet'.

To install the ebook on your device, note that one of the files I sent you is a pdf with instructions.

Common glitches with Bitesize

You didn't get an email to register? Sadly, spam filters can hide these from you so it might not even be in your spam box — but do check. Nothing to do but email me, I'm afraid.

You clicked on the registration link and got a weird error message? That's most often because you've already registered, and that link only works once. The good news is you can now use Bitesize.

You don't know how to get into Bitesize? it's on the top menu of my website, or on

To see or change your registered email or password, go to

If you've forgotten your password go to

You want to download files to your phone for offline listening? You'lll see a link to instructions on It's fiddly but I guide you. Bitesize is best listened to (and searchable) online.

All the above and more is in a 'Welcome to Bitesize' email you should have received after registering. If you didn't get it, contact me in Februrary and I'll send it over.

I'm so sorry I can't respond promptly while I'm travelling. I hope the above will help you right away.