Online workshops: learning and companionship when you’re supporting a child with an eating disorder

Last updated on October 15th, 2022

Workshops to help parents to support their child at various stages of the eating disorder

See below the online workshops I have scheduled so far. You will be made very welcome. Note that the price indicated is totally flexible as I want this to be available to anyone.

In the table below, notice right/left arrows to see various months. On a small screen you might need to scroll up/down to see everything in any particular month.


Clinicians are most welcome too (I check with the participants first) and here feedback from some of them:

"I am so grateful that Eva offers these getting started with refeeding workshops weekly. I have begun to routinely refer all families new to our practice to her workshops. Eva provides families with tools and compassion to confidently and lovingly begin the process of helping their teens recover. This supports the work that we are doing with families in FBT."

Dr Lauren Muhlheim, Psychologist, certified eating disorder specialist and the owner of Eating Disorder Therapy LA and author of the excellent book When Your Teen Has an Eating Disorder" which I recommend here.

 "Learning that your child has an eating disorder is a frightening experience and helping them to get out of it will probably be one of the hardest tasks you will have as a parent. You will need help and guidance throughout your child's illness and treatment and I recommend Eva Musby as a valuable source of emotional support and advice. Her personal experience  is combined with an expert knowledge of the illness and treatment, as well as the compassion needed to support you to be firm with the illness, but empathic when your child is distressed."

Sam Clark-Stone, Lead Clinician at Gloucestershire Eating Disorders Service

And from Leona Monaghan, psychotherapist, 2live Psychotherapy, Tullamore, Ireland:

Other workshops and trainings I give

This page shows the workshops I am organising myself. There may be other events (conferences, trainings…) I've been invited to present at: see here.

Workshops for parents, from other providers

See some of the workshops I know about, and have heard good things about, here.

Build your skills and confidence with my 'Communication' workshop on 6 December

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