Video call with Eva: how to use Zoom from a laptop

Last updated on September 8th, 2020

Here are instructions to use Zoom from a laptop, if you're happy to use that. Zoom is pretty reliable and allows us to have a recording, should we want one.

If you're planning to use Zoom from a mobile phone or tablet, my instructions HERE may be more helpful.

I'll email you a link to our meeting  that looks like:

Join Zoom Meeting   Meeting ID: 123456 Password: abcdefg  


Just click on the link. It will allow you to set up Zoom on the device you intend to use (computer, tablet, phone), and I recommend you do this ahead of time. Then shortly before our meeting, you use the same link and you should find yourself in our 'meeting room' without any further setup.

Set it up as follows:

Click on the zoom link I gave you. If you're on a phone or iPad you may be prompted to get the Zoom app. On a computer, click on "download & run Zoom":

Save and run the Zoom file: you now have the Zoom app on your device.

You'll then be invited to type in your name, then click "Join".

You're in! You should see yourself on screen.

Go ahead with "Test speaker and microphone": 

It's Yes to "Computer Audio":

You're all set up!

When you move your mouse, the bottom menu appears with settings for your mike, your video, and to end the meeting.

So end the meeting.

For our sessions, just click on the link again and you should be directly in. You can join early and stay, or join any time to try it out and then leave, if you to reassure yourself it's working.

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