Scottish CAMHS eating disorders steering group: consulting parents in Scotland

Parents and carers of a child or teenager with an eating disorder in Scotland, this is for you

You can help CAMHS keep improving how they treat eating disorders in Scotland through the parent(s) representing us in the Scottish CAMHS eating disorders steering group.

And while I have your attention, note that another group that matters to parents in Scotland is SEDIG.

What is this Scottish CAMHS eating disorders steering group about?

In my own informal words: I see this as a group of clinicians who meet of their own accord to keep in touch with each other. That way they can coordinate training efforts, share information, learn from each others’ experiences. In principle there is someone on the group from each health board, and that person is expected to communicate to all relevant colleagues back in their area in order to promote change, or to gather information which would help the group decide on useful action. In practice, there are some  health boards that are not participating and the communication doesn’t always happen successfully. Note that the group doesn’t have teeth and doesn’t have funding, and is very much about goodwill and dedication to improving services for our children.

Who’s representing you?

I was one of two parent representatives for the first couple of years and now I’m just providing these web pages to help with communication.

Currently, to represent parents, we have Heather Cassie who also chairs the North East eating disorders Scotland group (NEEDS). She’s ‘job-sharing’ with Mel Stevenson who’s also part of NEEDS, and there’s a nice cross-over as she’s on the committee of SEDIG. Then there’s Leah MacGilp, in Lothian. Leah has been involved with an NHS/Beat project at CAMHS in Edinburgh on transitions training, is a Board member of the Edinburgh Carers Council, a Mental Health Adviser at Edinburgh Napier University, and also worked in the NHS for 25 years, 10 of those were in an Eating Disorders Service as a Nurse Therapist.

Please get in touch with parent representatives directly.

Minutes of meetings

Click here for notes of previous meetings.

Sign up for news

Although I’m not on the group any more I am still providing the communications side via these web pages.

So please sign up to the steering group mailing list. (This is different from my mailing list relating to my book and website, so sign up to both if in doubt!)

Parents, sign up to the steering group list

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Here’s the official description of the group

  1. Aim and Purpose

The aim of the group is to maximise outcomes for all children and young people with eating disorders across Scotland.

The purpose of the group is to create a structure for linking up regions to enable sharing of innovative practice, informing and promoting service development, sharing and provision of CPD/training, and to advocate for eating disorder services and provide a national perspective when required.

  1. Role
  • Providing a structure that enables networking across Scotland for Eating Disorder Services and Clinicians.
  • Sharing of information and good practice across Scotland.
  • Co ordination of service development across Scotland
  • Run a yearly Scottish CAMHS eating disorders conference
  • Provide an expert national opinion on relevant issues such as policy and strategy.
  • Link in with all relevant bodies and networks within Scotland, the UK and Internationally
  1. Membership

Membership will include at least one clinician from, each health board area and child and adolescent inpatient units, regional coordinators, carers, and former suffers. (With a member from each health board, the idea is that member will consult and disseminate info to all relevant clinicians within the healthboard)

Invitations will also be extended to Scottish Parliament representatives, NHS Education Scotland and Paediatrics.

And then there’s me (Eva Musby) and Heather (I have to find out her full name, from Aberdeen) representing parents. 

  1. Chair and secretary

See minutes – this changes occasionally

  1. Stakeholders

Other stakeholders, include Clinicians working in Adult Mental Health, Managed Clinical Networks, Schools and Education, Primary Care, and National and International networks who will be involved in the work of the group and invited to attend meetings as necessary.

  1. Frequency of Meetings 

Meetings will take place 3 times per year in a location that convenient for the majority to travel to with Video Conferencing available for those from remote locations only.